Ominous skies as storm roll through

Posted By on August 29, 2016


It is not all that unusual to have storms roll though on hot summer afternoon/evenings, but the dark skies with wind and lightning keeps me attentive to the weather after recent damage in Indiana as well as Ohio (or a Lightening Bolt Killing 323 Reindeer in Norway!) We had a hot weekend with temperatures in the 90s (continuing this week) and I found myself in and out of the pool while "pretending" to accomplish project in the garage (temps in my shop garage on my Dad’s old Packard thermometer above).


A couple projects were new front tires on the John Deere 330 diesel lawn tractor and my current tinkering is with an Aims Inverter/Chargers if and when I move ahead on our grill area/greenhouse/generator and garage door porch project.



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