Music: A forgotten (by me) hit from the past – Rock Me Gently

Posted By on October 31, 2016

AndyKimRockMeGentlyTime for a forgotten classic from my teenage music listening years. Heard this while switching to music in the car this week (burned out on political news) and thought … whatever happened to Andy Kim  or Baron Longfellow… or how about his birth name, Andy Youakim?Rock_Me_Gently_-_Andy_Kim

A lot I didn’t remember… he co-wrote “Sugar, Sugar” for the Archies in 1969 (even though I mentioned it in a previous post!) and continued to perform under the Longfellow name in the mid-1980s and 90s. Hm … I just remember his 1974 hit “Rock Me Gently” … a song many thought was a Neil Diamond tune — they do have a similar sound.

  Rock Me Gently | Andy Kim – 1974


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