Still thinking about davits for Encore in 2016

Posted By on December 10, 2016


In continuing the quest to be able to bring along our fully inflated Zodiac dinghy when gunkholing aboard Encore, I am still pondering an inexpensive davit option. The dilemma has been trying to keep the Capehorn Steering gear (hopefully functional) while still "safely" toting along a dinghy. The foredeck space is limited since the baby stay prevents deck storage of a dinghy so we’re down to towing, davits or a roll-up inflatable (our current Zodiac). Eventually I would like a large tubed, lightweight aluminum bottom ultralight AB inflatable, but still would need a way to hoist it out of the water.

Big concerns are stability and reach in our current set-up not to mention the "rolling" problem and having windage (and following seas) messing with whatever we have hanging on the stern. If I can get the above at the right price, it will be worth experimenting … besides fastening to the deck with SS plates, I could clamp the upper support arm to the middle stern rail?



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