Key Lime Pie is a summer favorite

Posted By on August 5, 2017

Ok, so the limes I’m squeezing are not truly “Key Limes,” but the the finished product is just as good. One of the “get ready” items before having the kids home for the weekend was to squeeze the limes so Brenda could make 3 Key Lime pies. It is a big favorite in our family as the relatively simple recipe was passed down from Brenda’s mom quite a few years ago. Grandma Howard always made it for our kids when they would visit her in Florida, so learning how to make them was critical.

One of our favorite stories about the pie was having Drew‘s parents, Barb and Randy, to our house after “taste testing” wedding reception food. They visited and we served coffee and Key Lime pie … unfortunately something from the recipe was left out or the limes were 10 times tarter. Faces were made along with apologies, but shockingly nothing deterred Randy as he politely gobbled down his pie and had a second piece – he must not have normal tastebuds! Brenda was embarrassed and we laugh about it to this day. Hopefully this weekends pies will not be a repeat!


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