Hurricane Irma barreling towards Florida and the US mainland

Posted By on September 7, 2017


It is difficult not to be concerned after seeing the power of Hurricane Irma (was 185 mph, but currently 170 mph eyewall winds) and IrmaTrackNHC_170907_14the devastation the powerful storm left behind on several of the Leeward Islands.  I’ve been tracking these last few days both concerned for those in the path and for personal ties to Florida in Delray Beach and Fort Pierce (Encore).

The photos and video coming in are just plain scary and the track, even the most optimistic, has Irma slamming Florida at some point. Like Matthew last year, those to the north need to be concerned as well since the current projections have Irma weakening but still likely to cause significant damage and flooding anywhere from Florida, Georgia and South and North Carolinas (for starters). I’m sure all in that area are starting to prep "just in case." For now in the US, the big push is to just get to a zip code … easier said then done with canceled flights, cruise ships dropping passengers off in Miami without flights and Florida residents finding long gas lines and shortages.

What would we do without the days of warning from today’s weather watchers?



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