TechFriday: Home Internet improvements over the years

Posted By on September 8, 2017

Accessing the Internet with broadband speeds has definitely improved this past year or so in our area. I remember connecting via modem at 300 baud, improving to 1200, then 56K and making the expensive big move to aDSLReport170906 twin pair of 128K ISDN lines giving me 256K of bandwidth in the 1990s.

Eventually I jumped on the StarBand Satellite data delivery (1.5 Mbit/second download speed and 256 kbit/s upload speed) until cable became available in the 2000s.  The just this past year we opted to add fiber as it became available in our area. I’m not sure how we functioned at slower speeds anymore?

Currently our promised 100 megabits has been a tick over 100 MBit/Second (109.3 as tested on and paired with fiber video for television delivery too. Occasionally it is  a little buggy, but it could be because of all the hardware that now wants to connect through my router and range extender??? Everything wants to connect nowadays.

About the only complaint I have with Cincinnati Bell Fioptics is their blocking port 80 … impacting the ease of hosting (testing Linux Raspberry Pi servers) at my home. Sure we can connect on a different port or using



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