Weekend fence repair, wood splitting and chores update

Posted By on October 24, 2017

PaslodeImpulseNailer1781021A couple days late in posting, but the weather was ideal for jumping on a few chores before the weather turns sour. Since the lawn was still in pretty good shape, I was able to use those weekend hours to repair some of the nearly 2000 feet of 4-board fence that borders our backyard — it would likely never get approve again as an appropriate pool fence? Anyway the boards are showing their age, yet still will hold nails or in my case the ringed nails set with my Paslode Impulse gas/battery ignited nailer. It’s was one of those must have tools years ago that rarely gets used … but is the perfect tool for SplittingWood171021repairing rough sawn wood fences.

I also worked on splitting and stacking some firewood for winter … mostly for the woodstove in my workshop, but I’ve also been burning plenty in the outdoor fireplace. The old John Deere 330 diesel still comes in handy … it was one of the best purchases I ever made back in the mid-1980s when we were in Hudson. Although grass mowing is now done with the zero turn Kubota diesel … the hauling, pulling, snowblowing and 10KW power generation is all done with this little 16 HP Yanmar powered John Deere.
Love this old "turtle" of a lawn tractor!  Smile



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