Once in a while I can still find a super cheap flight on Southwest

Posted By on January 3, 2018

Before sending another check to the guy I have doing some bottom work on Encore, I really need to inspect the work. I don’t want him to stop working, SWCheapFlight180102but I don’t want bottom paint slapped on the new epoxy fiberglass repair before double checking the layers, fairing and keel work and epoxy barrier coats either, so I’ve been checking airfares daily – yesterday I spotted a cheap flight that should work.

Of course I’m not sure when the work will be to the stage of checking, but mid-January was a"target date." Between work and scheduled activity, I’m not sure, but this $25 fare back to fly back from Fort Lauderdale after driving down was the only one on Southwest had left in January so I grabbed it. Gas for the drive down will cost far more than airfare, as will the Uber ride to get to FLL. I only wish the bill for the work on the boat was going to be that inexpensive! It’s a good thing I’ll be saving money staying at the "Jones Motel" on the drive down … their hotel rates never change! (it is great to have such wonderful friends … I can’t wait to see Mark and Dar!)


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