How big or little is the Elio going to be?

Posted By on February 5, 2018

Although there are quite a few reservation holders starting to doubt whether we’ll ever see production (last update was 2019 deliveries), the marketing team continues to tease (update) on this small commuter car. The original low price has been inched up, but it still will be a bargain if Elio Motors can afford to put this 3-wheeled vehicle into production.

This week, a few of the “how big or how small” questions were answered:

From the Elio Blog:

With our configuration and design, the Elio can be a bit of an optical illusion. As we’ve said in the past, the Elio can comfortably seat two 6’2 adults comfortably. The dimensions of the front seat are comparable to the 2017 Honda Accord.The Elio has 39.8” of headroom and 42.7” of legroom, while the Accord’s same dimensions are 37.2’’ and 42.2’’. The Elio also has the same amount of headroom and legroom as the 2018 Toyota Corolla [corrected].

At first glance, the Elio may look slightly low to the ground.Actually, our ground clearance 5.75″ which is consistent with other vehicles on the road such as the Honda Accord EX and the Mercedes S550.

With a wheelbase (which is the center of the front wheels to the center of the rear wheel) of 110,” the Elio is similar to the Toyota Corolla, which has a wheelbase of 106. As far as length, the Elio, at 160.5”, is the about the same length as the 2017 Honda Fit, the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback, and the Mercedes SLC.

With our front-to-back seating, the space where the door opens is a very important area of the Elio and one that is quite popular with people that have yet to see the Elio in person. To help you visualize the ingress for the Elio, we took three different measurements of the door opening and compared them to other vehicles that you commonly see on the road.


A. The total swing of the door.

B. The dimension from the A-Pillar to the B-Pillar at the belt line

C. The dimension from the outer body to the furthers point of the door when opened

You can clearly see that the Elio has an ample entry point, even larger than a Ram 3500 quad cab pickup. The other interesting point we can glean information from is the “C” measurement. The Elio extends only 22” past the outside of the wheel, meaning that you can open your door and have over 19” extra clearance from whatever on that side, be it a wall or a roadway. That is over a foot and a half less room that you would need over the LaCrosse, and that is with the door at its widest!

One other measurement that we often get asked is how much room is there to get to the back seat. The number is not on this chart, as it is unique to Elio in this comparison, but that number is 20.5”, pretty good for a coupe set up.

As you can see, while the Elio is unique, it shares many similar dimensions to other four-wheel, four-door vehicles on the road.


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