The crystal pendant lights, china and big knobs are growing on me

Posted By on March 3, 2018


The new kitchen décor favored by Brenda is growing on me. Initially I fought the oversized glass crystal cabinet knobs (more expensive) KitchenCrystalGlass180227and KitchenKnobs180227three rather than two crystal oriented pendant lights (I had already wired for two and had to add a third – $$$), as well as the excessive number of cut glass drinking glasses of all sizes … but they are ALL growing on me (I still can’t shake the “cheaper is more attractive” decision-making process). 😉

The pendant lights were particularly beautiful at about 6-6:30 in the evening the other day when the low southern sun came in the windows and reflected colorful light all over the new kitchen cabinets.  Even the cabinet knobs sparkled and I have even found myself gravitating to the glasses even to drink ice water with supper … even when eating alone! Thank you Brenda for your great taste … I say that … knowing … she’ll never read this. 🙂


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