Happy Birthday Taylor – What a difference 4 years can make

Posted By on June 10, 2018

It is hard to believe that my son Taylor is 29 years old today!?!?!? It doesn’t seem possible that he has been pretty much living on his own now for third of his life?


He has certainly made us proud at the way he has grown up and handled a difficult decade that faced him and his peers when joining the workforce after college; it wasn’t easy in the midst of the "great recession." In my opinion, his independent nature, strong will to do it on his own and willingness to go out of his comfort zone had a lot to do with managing a challenging time. Enter adulthood required him to boldly interview and accept opportunities when they surfaced.

Unlike many coddled millennials, Taylor interviewed out of his comfort zone after college and accepted his first Planner position way up in Williston, North Dakota. It definitely wasn’t a "first choice" for social life or convenience, but it could not have been better for his learning and experience in both career and growing up. His years in northwestern North Dakota did a couple things: 1) it force him to be independent (no mom and dad or family nearby) and 2) helped him better appreciate family, friends and the SW Ohio area where he grew up, rather than taking it for granted and always seeing the grass greener elsewhere.

We are so glad to have him successful, happy, content and now closer to home … and have Megan to be with rather than the Ford pick-up truck.
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Happy 29th Birthday Taylor!  (For the archive, here’s a video memory from a few years ago with his Grandpa Howard and Tootsie -  what boy doesn’t like driving a bulldozer!)


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