Red Stewart Airfield 21st Annual Airshow and EAA chapter 284’s Taildragger Fly-In Pancake Breakfast at 40I on Sept 1 – 2 2018

Posted By on August 25, 2018


This Labor Day weekend is the annual Stewart Airshow and our EAA chapter’s fly-in and pancake breakfast.

If you enjoy aviation and mostly vintage aircraft flying in and out of a well cared for grass airstrip, this outing is for you. The gathering in Waynesville Ohio is always an enjoyable community time and is fun for those who fly in from all part of the tri-state. The Stewart airshow starts at 5PM and takes a break until dark, at which time the "night flying" begins — well worth seeing on a clear night.

Primitive camping is welcomed on the field and there is usually a nice crowd for our EAA "once a year" fundraiser providing the morning coffee and a pancake breakfast — this year our 51st! (see



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