Music Monday: Jam In The Van a few years ago with Nicki Bluhm

Posted By on November 19, 2018

Music Monday posts are usually a reflection of what I’m listening to at the moment; this week it is not. The older music video below was trigger after seeing Nicki Bluhm‘s NickiBluhmGramblersOnStagename on a concert listing when Brenda and I were at the Taft Theater in Cincinnati.

I’ve mention Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers several times on My Desultory Blog, but as their schedule and popularity grew, and since she dropped her band (and husband) a year or so ago, I haven’t really followed her music as a touring solo artist. Perhaps the music is more personal or maybe her politics that seeps through (as it often does for artists and musicians) or maybe I just enjoyed the music they once recorded on a smartphone in a van and posted to YouTube? I also saw chemistry, comradery and ambition that came through in their music and faces as they traveled to music festivals and small venues in California. That much traveling and time together can take its toll.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy listening and watching this older Jam In The Van YouTube video that I had not previously seen.


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