The converting fluorescent tubes to LED process slowly continues

Posted By on December 9, 2018

One fluorescent fixture at a time … that’s how I’ve been updating the old tubes in two and four light panels to LEDs. Unfortunately I’m ending up with a mish-mash of inexpensive and unfortunately questionable quality LED strips assembled into plastic tubes. LEDTubeProblem181207bAdvice: stick to name brand and big box store lights – ie. Phillips, etc.

The recent six LED tubes I replaced this past month started when I removed the fluorescent fixture in the laundry room. Against my plan, Brenda picked out a new LED track light just as I ordered two 4-foot LED replacements on eBay for $7.50 each. We at least found common ground and compromised on a white 3 fixture white track light, to go along with the LED workspace light. The white will blend in to the ceiling once it is patched and repainted. It is hard to believe it has been exactly 2 years since we added the stacking LG washer and dryer. Wow, time flies. Hopefully there will be enough light?

I ended up with another old ceiling fixture for the workshop or garage, and removed the ballast and rewired as usual (always opt for the single end power G13s). At the same time I had already ordered a box of 4 tubes on Amazon to add to my now portable four tube panel light — can move it to the garage when working on a car or painting where brighter light is helpful.

Surprisingly, the 18W 2400 lumen LEDs on eBay were better made and less expensive than the Viribright tube lights on — see failed tube below.



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