Together with family – Time flies when you are having fun #TBT

Posted By on November 2, 2017

I’m so glad as a family we enjoyed the many vacations right from the beginning and were fortunate to have been able to balance work and play. Great memories.


Photos like this take me back to those "good ol’ days" (above on Florida’s Panhandle in the early 1990s #TBT) … but that is not possible, so it is good to see my kids working on making their "time together count." Taylor drove up to Perrysburg to visit Annalyn, Katelyn and Drew this past weekend and Brenda and I enjoy seeing the cute photos … one of them archived below. 


Of course on a Throwback Thursday post, I would be remise as a father and grandfather not to be pointing out just how much our granddaughter Annalyn reminds me of My Little Girl Katelyn 31 years ago (below)!

Mother and daughter??? 

LittleKatelyn1986 BabyKatelyn1986


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