Advice: Compare price vs shipping times when ordering online

Posted By on January 20, 2019

A quick piece of advice for those who are in the habit of shopping online … especially if you are used to using Amazon and their Prime shipping. I’ve habitually price products since Amazon isn’t always competitively price with other online vendors, BUT my advice is to remember just how dependable and reliable shipping from Amazon is before selecting the less expensive vendor.


Case in point, I wanted to use a better “oil” with my new tap and dies rather than the same old 30 weight oil I’ve used my whole life. The “Tap Magic marketing” suggests that bits and tools could last longer if using something like Tap Magic instead of ordinary oils. So in order to save a few dollars, I switch to a different online reseller expecting it would arrive before last weekend – it did not. Frustrated I placed the order after seeing the estimated deliver, disappointed in the actually delivery and for the couple dollars savings would have gladly purchased from Amazon KNOWING it would arrive within a day or two – Amazon deliveries are now that dependable, but they really need some competition!


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