Is Amazon is getting lax in their vendor quality control?

Posted By on March 23, 2019

AmazonPrimeLogoAlthough I’m fond of shopping online for convenience, selection and to compare prices … I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with accuracy in fulfillment of merchandise being shipped by “prime” but from an third party vendor. In a recent order, I not only received the wrong product, but also an obvious opened and returned product (the correct item but with plumber’s putty all over it).

I’m already skeptical with Ebay listed products and private store pages, but increasingly have been finding that Amazon and Walmart ( are unreliable when it comes to getting what I’m expecting. Am I the only one seeing this trend?


AmazonsChoiceCurrent issue and hassle:  I ordered 2 Oiled Rubbed Bronze Pop UP Drains (Amazon’s Choice) for the phase2 master bathroom update later this spring … but the Amazon Seller Allwin-Houseware either supplied the shipping warehouse with used and wrong products or Amazon screwed up. Not only do I not have the expected drains to put into the new vanities and sinks, but now have to hassle with a return to the UPS Store and “try” to reorder the correct drains again. Frustrating … and no wonder I’m still partial to a locally owned Ace Hardware or big box retail store like Home Depot or Lowes.


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