Making boxes instead of my plastic coffee cans to keep bird away

Posted By on March 26, 2019


After mentioning a distraction in working on my weekend projects last week, here was the project that was first on the list  … something to deter the robins. My “keep the birds away” boxes to replace my yearly plastic coffee cans … and two of them with funky wires (photo left – I’ll have to see if they work?)

We have a ridiculous number of columns on our Georgian Colonial home (18 columns total on our house and poolhouse/garage). Each one present a high and dry location for the robins to build their nests each year. Besides flying in dry grasses for their nest, they also pack it with mud and eventually have a brood of messy baby birds to feed. So this year I’m using my new miter saw to make small boxes that can be placed either temporarily on each column in the spring like the coffee cans … or perhaps mounted them permanently once I repair the capital and repaint.



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