Remembering the Lake Erie Islands with our family #TBT

Posted By on June 20, 2019

Although the Throwback Thursday #TBT memory of celebrating my late parent’s 50th wedding anniversary in 2007 leaves me bittersweet, I’m so thankful we had our time together (photo above and below the break is with them on Kelley’s Island in 2007). I’m not sure where the time disappeared … but I honestly thought that both Brenda and I would have our parents with us a lot longer than we did.

Remembering this memory has me looking forward to going back to the Lake Erie Islands and Put-In-Bay again with our children (I took Brenda there on a date in 1981). For me, I grew up fishing and vacationing on North Shores (Port Clinton, Catawba Island, Lakeside and Marblehead) with my parents and grandparents in cottages. Eventually, my parents bought a home to the east of Toledo and so I grew up playing on the shores of Lake Erie, just a bit to the west of the islands. Once married, Brenda and I moved the other direction from the Bass Island and we lived southeast of Cleveland, but headed back on weekends so we could sail in the area; we spend our summers there pre-kidsand eventually a little bit with our own kids when in Cincinnati (too far away). The memories are many … and good.

Who knows, perhaps we’ll do something new in this familiar place this summer — hint, hint. 🙂

The Corbett’s at the Water’s Edge Bed and Breakfast on Kelley’s Island in 2007


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