An inexpensive JonCutter arborist chainsaw and Amazon woes

Posted By on September 7, 2019


After giving away my “newer” Poulan chainsaw to the hard worker we hired to stain our fence this summer … so he could clear our neighbors fence line and stain his fence too … JonCutterNew190906I replaced it with a low cost Arborist climbing and limb cutting saw without paying attention to the month-plus delivery timeframe (I wanted a super-lightweight top-handle saw since I still have my large, heavy McCulloch 610 for log cutting).

Since the Chinese-made JonCutter Farmtec saw fit the bill (cheap) and had positive reviews, I bought it before realizing the delivery delay and so ordered the parts to “bring my OLD Poulan back to life.” Now I have 3 saws … such is my toolaholic addiction.

Speaking of ordering, I continue to have problems with delivery dates/times from Amazon and this time, on top of a delivery delay, the box of staples was tossed into a Prime Shipping bag and arrived like this … someone should know better. Of course after complaining to Amazon, they refunded my $4.00.



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