Painting and sharpening and changing chainsaw chains

Posted By on November 16, 2017

McCullochProMac610A few of the late fall repairs to go along with splitting wood for winter is to keep my “collection” of old chainsaws running. Although I gave away my small old tiny McCulloch trimming saw from the 1980s, I still reluctantly use my bigger (translate = heavier) 20″ McCulloch Pro Mac 610 (PDF manual) with a square cut professional chain for larger trees and logs. More often than not though, I pick up my upgraded 16″ Poulan since it is newer and lighter … and sadly almost of disposable quality (they don’t make them like they use to).

Nevertheless, all three of my saws (even the tiny electric pole saw) needed their chain blades sharpened … I used a file but  considered buying a grinder sharpener … and would have if all the chains would have been the same size!


The rain came again so I checked off another item Brenda put on my list of chores to do before winter … painting the old outdoor furniture with Rustoleum – a difficult job, since I put the wicker in storage. She wants them on the front porch during winter (yes I thought it crazy too — who sits on the porch in the winter?) I argued that we didn’t need anything on the front porch during the winter … but decided it wasn’t worth wasting my breath – we all know who wins when it comes to “aesthetics” vs “logic.”


While I’m at it, I can’t resist archiving and posting my sister-in-law’s video snippet of Jerry felling a tree … thankfully he still has all his limbs! (13 second video below)


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