Finally … a first baby shower for Lauren and Aaron Howard

Posted By on September 23, 2019


Carolyn (Aaron’s forever babysitter and family friend), Brenda, Delores (DadH‘s office manager) and my sister-in-law Chris.

Hm … the word "finally" is a sensitive one for those wanting a baby verses those delaying having a family? Thankfully for my nephew Aaron (loyal Music Monday blog commenter) and his wife Lauren, the wait is over, as they had a baby shower back in their hometown of Bemus Point, NY. Several in our extended family drove or flew to be there including Aaron’s niece Madelyn (Justin and Katie), Chris, Madison and Jerry (thanks for the photos) and my wife Brenda. It would have been nice to have driven up with Brenda … but I already had previous plans and also am starting to feel like a dinosaur remembering when baby showers didn’t include men. Oh well, I’m super happy for them just the same and was glad Brenda could be there.


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