A peaceful quiet surprise snowfall and quality steel in tools

Posted By on December 16, 2019


December is here … and the snow arrived last night (snow 9 years ago), although it isn’t anything drastic, just peaceful and quiet. Actually the heavy snow surprised me Chisels_cheapVSquality191215considering Sunday afternoon was relatively pleasant and I was in the home theater watching Sunday Night Football (Bill beat the Steelers). When the game was over, I realize I had forgotten to take out the trash. So headed outside to about 4 inches of wet snow! When walking back up the driveway, I realized the house looked pretty nice (although Brenda complained that I didn’t wait for her to finished the window candles and wreathes –  it is half done).

On another note, I’ve become increasingly frustrated when working with my cheaper chisels made with junk steel (left) and SO PREFER using the couple 100 year old Swedish chisels that belonged to Brenda’s grandfather (right), He was a furniture maker in Jamestown NY and obviously knew which steel held a sharp edge. If I had a few more, I throw away all my junk tools.


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