A little tool/chisel history that should remain in our family

Posted By on October 16, 2018

While sharpening my chisels and practicing my hand-cut joinery last weekend, I remembered that I added a "new to me" wood chisel to my tool roll when sorting tools from my late father-in-law’s barn. It was too large for the current project, but looks as if the steel might hold an edge better than my cheap Chinese steel chisels.


What is unique about this older rectangular handled chisel is that it belonged to my wife Brenda‘s Swedish grandfather (her mom’s dad) who was a furniture maker in western New York (Jamestown NY was once a proud American furniture making town). I’m looking forward to putting an edge back on it and using it for a future project … and perhaps marking it with some tape so my kids don’t just toss it when I’m gone!


My hand-cut practice dovetail and a few kerfs from three different "thin kerf" saws


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