Looking for something positive amidst the #COVID19 Pandemic

Posted By on March 31, 2020

Although few of us really want to be tracking the exponential explosion of the COVID19 spread, a friend asked me if there was a preferred site to go to for updated information. I responded with CDC.gov or Department of Health here in Ohio as trusted sources, but then suggested that if he was like me, the information wasn’t necessarily as up to date.

So for something closer to real-time, I’ve been ReportedCasesGlobally200330using Reuters.com’s pages and the Reuter maps and graphics which have been pretty accurately reporting on the Coronavirus. Unfortunately the news does not look positive no matter how it is presented.

In looking for something positive in the numbers, I found a “Daily cases” chart that seems to indicate that the number of “Cases outside Mainland China” daily reported “globally” has ticked slightly downward. Who knows if we are at a turning point –let’s hope we are.

It also looks as if we are making inroads as to treatment protocols that will hopefully lessen the need for ventilators/respirators in the hospitals (although still a shortage as hospitalizations rise) and that Johnson and Johnson is gearing up to produce 1 billion doses of a vaccine once we have one available and tested. It can’t come soon enough for world health and our economy.


I’m gong to end this depressing post with a something positive shared with me by my daughter Katelyn. She is currently home on maternity leave from her pediatrician role with Promedica at Bay Park Hospital in Oregon, Ohio, but stays in touch with her co-workers. One of them sent her a photo today of people lining up in their cars to pray. The thought gave me chills and renewed my faith in Americans who have come together in times of crisis for generations. As a Christian who believes in the power of pray, I was so encouraged to see the community rally around their health care providers and praying for those impacted by this terrible virus.



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