A moon rising iPhone 7-plus photo worthy of archiving

Posted By on June 3, 2020

Every once in a while when seeing what cellphone cameras can do, I wonder why I even bother to ever grab my camera bag and relatively expensive DSLR camera anymore? Last night the weather in Cincinnati was clear and humidity low. The moon was large and rising in the sky in the southeast and looks so crystal clear that I thought it worth a photo. Of course those faraway astronomy photos never look good in a photo even with the best of cameras. Nevertheless, the sun had just set and lighting conditions just about optimum for the tiny sensor in my aging iPhone7plus a couple of generations behind. I sent the photo to myself thinking I was overdue to update my Facebook account with an “I’m still alive” post. After sharing the photo from my phone, I looked again today and realized it was a beautiful photo and worth archiving on the blog while I ate my lunch.

From the blues in the sky, to the greens of the pines and brightly lit Waxing Gibbious Moon, it was a great photo ... and from an older iPhone no less!



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