Tech Friday: How to “shift-click” select multiple emails in Gmail

Posted By on July 31, 2020

It has been a while since reviewing the stats of My Desultory Blog, but realized that one Tech Friday post in particular was getting quite a few looks. It is obvious that I’m not the only Apple Macintosh Magic Mouse user to have scrolling issue when using the popular Google Calendar pullhair_ani_thumband stopping the infuriating scrolling with a Scroll Disabler is helpful. Since this is not a new problem, I’ve been surprised that this irritation has not been addressed internally, but continues to require a Chrome browser extension to “fix” (and now one on Brave for me). Anyway, from the traffic, it is a problem for others.


In keeping the the popular Google Products theme, there is Gmail tip that might be worth passing along just in case it may have been missed. HighlightingMultipleGmailMessagesOften times when doing email housekeeping, there is a need to selection list of messages. You can of course click the select-all checkbox or use the search features, but most people just highlight one email message at a time by clicking the checkbox in front of it or delete them one at a time.

Instead, try highlighting the first email in a list, then holding the shift-key down when selecting another one further down the list. This will check all the boxes and assist in quickly deleting … or moving the messages quicker than doing it one at a time.

How to Select Multiple Messages in Gmail

  1. Click the checkbox in front of the first message in the desired range.
  2. Hold the Shift key.
  3. Click the checkbox in front of the last message in the desired range.
  4. Release Shift.
  5. Click the checkbox in front of any non-adjacent messages to select them as well.


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