Tech Friday: Setting up ubuntu server on an older Raspberry Pi 3

Posted By on November 27, 2020


It is not uncommon for me to head down a rabbit hole when learning a little more about Hugo the fast static site generator (SSG). The experimenting from a few weeks ago on a 64-bit Linux ubuntu server had me wondering if it might work on a Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately with Raspian, the normal Linux install on the Pi, it will not work. So that moved me to a lightweight headless ubuntu server install which is now available.


linuxbrewAfter going through the motions to get a normal LAMP install up and live, I could not get Homebrew or Linuxbrew to install. Depressing … if I were more ambitious, I might try harder.

Raspberry Pi

Linuxbrew can run on Raspberry Pi (32-bit ARM), but no binary packages (bottles) are available. Support for Raspberry Pi is on a best-effort basis. Pull requests are welcome to improve the experience on Raspberry Pi.

32-bit x86

Linuxbrew does not currently support 32-bit x86 platforms. It would be possible for Linuxbrew to work on 32-bit x86 platforms with some effort. An interested and dedicated person could maintain a fork of Homebrew to develop support for 32-bit x86.



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