Repairing the aging Caldera Hot Tub … AGAIN #TBT

Posted By on December 10, 2020


Well, it happened again. The stainless steel heater element pipe in our Caldera Hot Tub has failed again (last time was 2013). There must be some electrolysis accelerating the corrosion unless the stainless steel Flickr_hottub2007tubing is just that poor of quality? On the other hand, like the repair guy commented, your hot tub is far older that most. It was “listed as a 2002” according to Watson’s … so I’m calling this a Throwback Thursday #TBT post and thankful there are still parts.

This is our second hot tub, after the first one only lasting 7 years … but the original “cheaper one” was exposed to the elements, whereas this one was a better quality and has been sheltered a bit since 2008 (photo right- when we added the backporch in the fall of 2007). The Caldera spa  sits under a roof and has some redwood surround protecting it a little bit (photos from summer 2020 below).



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