Tech Friday: Using Grammarly for Chrome (Brave in my case)

Posted By on December 11, 2020

GrammarlyLogo2020Not that it would ever be noticed in my “rarely proofread” blog, but for the past year I’ve been using a plugin app called Grammarly (it unfortunately doesn’t work with Open Live Writer, the aging software I use for blogging ever since Microsoft abandoned LiveWriter). So far it has been helpful in checking my emails and replies … AND may make me a bit more conscientious when typing or writing. GrammarlyVocabulary201207As for a recommendation, I’ll withhold it at this time and stick to using the free version a bit longer.

One of the more interesting reports is that of “grading” or “rating” users while comparing them to others. Thankfully in all areas I’ve at least scored in the top half of users, but I appreciated it noticing that I work on expanding my writing vocabulary. I can’t say that Grammarly has helped with it or improved my writing, but may install the add-in for Microsoft Word so a bit more of my writing is looked at (not that I write in Word very much either).


While contemplating computer “browsers,” I’ve been using Brave (Chromium based) for about a year now and although it has worked well for the most part and continues to block and privatized web-surfing … it is proving to be a bit more clunky. Lately I’ve found myself switching back to Firefox and always have thought it was the better browser on the Windows 10 (Parallels) and Lenovo laptop.


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