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Posted By on June 18, 2020


Last weekend was great weather for working in the yard … something both Brenda and I do enjoy when it doesn’t become a rush to finish chore. I’ve been steadily working on the area under the “now” larger pines that we planted to help shade the west side of our back porch. Unfortunately one of the trees (a yellow pine) was full of bugs and dying. I’m note sure if they only have a 25 year lifespan or are just getting diseased? We have 4 of them in that we planted 20-25 years ago and ALL are in pretty bad shape.


This one was next to the house and posed a threat if the winds were ever strong enough to blow it down – just replaced shingle caps after some 50-70 mph gusts left over from Tropical Storm Cristobal. Anyway, this “heavy” Yellow Pine was one that Taylor brought home when he was in kindergarten in a cup. We planted it and babied it along never expecting it to grow into a telephone pole sized tree! It was bitter sweeet to have to cut it down and also provide me a challenge considering I had to top it first before bringing the trunk down (photo above). Once topped and cut up with my smaller chainsaw, I tuned up my 40-year old, HEAVY and fast cutting McCulloch (professional square-cut large kerf blade) chainsaw to make quicker work of the larger trunk.


I mention the old saw because when Brenda and I were first married in Northeastern Ohio, I bought it to cut wood to heat with (my parents heated with wood). We had enough acreage and trees so that as long as I could cut and split (by hand in those days), we could heat our little house in Aurora or our bigger house in Hudson and not have a winter heat bill. Good memories.


The second part of the clean up project was to stain the hot tub windbreak with the rest of the fence stain … and the fence that was hit by the car earlier this year is now repaired.


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