Political corporate activism in Georgia, boycotts and investing

Posted By on April 6, 2021

Democrats have been gaining ground over the past few years with their “hate Trump” blitzing supported by the leftists, big tech and mainstream media (one in the same from what I’ve seen), and continue to put heavy pressure politicians and corporations. Just as with the tactics used by BLM, Antifa and “woke” groups using racism, gender, income inequality, capitialism, etc .. the latest is an attack on Georgia’s election legislation. Politicians in Georgia are attempting to prevent chaos and fraud in their elections, not suppress voting (IMHO, November 2020 was a mess). There is a media blitz and Democrat lead propaganda painting this new law as if it were Jim Crow 2.0.


So what does the Georgia law do? First, it gets rid of signature matching, so election workers aren’t trying to verify mail ballots by comparing John Hancocks. This subjective process should concern both sides. It creates avenues for contested outcomes, with fighting over ambiguous signatures.


Instead of signature matching, voters will submit a state ID number with their mail ballots or applications. This way there’s no arguing over handwriting: The ID number either matches or it doesn’t. Georgians who vote in person are already asked to show identification. Anyone who lacks an ID can get one for free.


As the Georgia voting legislation was being hash out, opinions from corporate leaders and the community were debated … and for the most part understood and supported, but under pressure from the political activists on the left, these same corporations are “waking” or should we say becoming “woke.”  The activists have gone after corporate heads and corporations, along with sporting events such as the Masters, Major League Baseball … and their media pressured propaganda campaign and rhetoric is gaining traction once again.

atlanta2021-all-star-gameRecently each corporation has placated the left as they did for BLM and has decided to oppose the sensible voting measures that are supported, at last polling I’ve seen, by 80% of Americans ( that of Voter ID – you are who you say you are). Perhaps the most notable example of caving to the pressure of the activists mob is MLB moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta this summer – shocking. Other companies seem to be verbalizing in a way to appease the left, but are offending others … both moderate and conservatives who approve of measures so as not to have a shady election situation as in 2020. Personally the only realistic reasons not to have voters show an ID when voting is that Democrats think they benefit from fraud (non-resident voting, illegals voting, multiple votes, voting for someone else, recount tracking, etc). Preventing and cleaning up election fraud is not some kind of voter suppression.

As much as it pains me to miss out on Major League Baseball this year  or boycotting companies .. I won’t be watching or going to a Reds games and will be choosing other products when possible … I’m not sure what SellingKOonPolitics210405else Americans can do to demonstrate our frustration with companies going political or caving to the leftist mob?

I’ve always been an advocate for Coca-Cola Company ($KO stock) and thought of it as an all-American company and as a solid investment to hold in a retirement portfolio … but not when we don’t see eye to eye anymore. There are plenty of other good companies to invest in.


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