Admiring an artist’s self-portrait and a #TBT EV test drive

Posted By on June 24, 2021


Brenda and I have always admired art and after 39 years of marriage have collected quite a bit of it. From antiques, carvings and sculptures to paintings that likely have only meaning to us. When I saw the self-portrait above, I was immediately drawn to it. Hm, an artist painting himself, painting himself? I like it.


Also, this being a Throwback Thursday #TBT (yes, that trend is showing it blogging age) … I stumbled on a couple photos of the Myers Motors EV that I test drove back in 2006. We’ve come a long way with battery technology and electric cars in 15 years … but at the same time, some entrepreneurs seem to be still are taking reservations and saying “next year” we should be in production. – Reserve your Point5 or Duo



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