Birdhouses and raccoons and a great Drew and Katelyn photo

Posted By on June 20, 2021


Received nice photo from Katelyn and Drew last week and since I included one of Taylor and Megan last week, this is one that needed to be archived on my OostraBluebirdHouse210612blog. Most most personal photos nowadays are of our granddaughters as Brenda and I have long ago moved past the stage of photos our ourselves … and even our kids? By the way Drew … Happy Father’s Day and thanks for the photos.

To add a little humor to the week, Drew also updated us on the bluebird house that Annalyn and I made last year. As I mentioned to him, the bird that moved in obviously takes after the birdhouse builder when it comes to collecting and keeping stuff. I’m not sure there is even room for a bird in this house?

The raccoon trapping and relocating continues (mp4 video below break) in an attempt to keep them off our roof. Hopefully the raccoons that are left will take the hint that they are not wanted. With all the rabbits and critters, its no wonder we have such a healthy coyote population!



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