The coyotes in southwestern Ohio are healthy and active

Posted By on February 13, 2021

We live in a fairly developed area and yet the variety of animals surviving amidst the traffic and people continues to amaze me. TwoLargeCoyotesChristmasDay201225When we built in Liberty Township, Ohio in the mid-1990s you would have called our area “developing but rural.” Now, there is no question we are suburban and “in my opinion” … over built and a too populated (it is still nice).

We definitely share our environment though and it is surprising how often I see not just small wildlife, but ones that I would think require a bit more “wild” than we have to offer? The deer have forever been a problem damaging trees and jumping fences. The foxes hide out in our fire-pile and we’ve had a number of skunks, mink, raccoons, hawks (eating), possums, snakes and even feral cats and a Blue Heron on the roof! We’ve also had our share of coyotes … which I’m noticing are bolder and BIGGER. One male was so large that it now jumps over our fence rather than slipping through it (the female partner still goes through the fence).


With the recent snow (and absence our Tootsie), I’ve noticed the pairs tracks now sneak around closer to our house rather then further in the backyard or making a beeline across the front yard. 


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