Replaced a failed sump pump check valve after heavy rains

Posted By on June 26, 2021

NewSumpPumpCheckValve210624Last weekend we had thunderstorms and tornado warning that dumped buckets of rain in our area. Thankfully no damage or serious flooding, but I did check on the sump and backyard pumps … I even added my spare pump to the pit in order to keep the water that builds up in the retention area of our backyard from reaching the pool (which it has before).

I also notice one of the two Zoeller sump pumps (my preferred brand) in the basement was running constantly … there was that much water. Thankfully the second one in a separate slightly higher pit was cycling at a more appropriate rate.

SumpPumpOldCheckValve_aniAfter the water levels dropped I noticed that the pump was not working the way it should. So after contemplating which valve to buy, opted for the “reduced noise” valve at Lowe’s more for the length of the install than the “silent” feature (already had pipes cut for this length with the old valve). The replacement went well and decided to look inside the old valve … yuck, no wonder it failed (anigif to the right … really just an excuse to use my new alligator forceps). 😉

Personal advice: Replace the valve with a new one when you replace the sump pump. Pump warranties, depending on brand/model is 2-5 years, so you should  think about replacing them not too long after that … I my case, somewhere around 7 years, but definitely no longer than 10 after previous experiences.


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