Abhimanyu Mishra, the youngest Chess grandmaster in history

Posted By on July 6, 2021


It was probably the intimidating photo of 9 year old Abhimanyu Mishra that caught my attention, but as someone who once enjoyed the “recreational game” of Chess as a boy, it is also impressive to see what this young New Jersey boy has accomplished. At the GM Mix in Hungary last week, ChessSeta 12-year old Abhi “went head to head with Indian Grandmaster Leon Mendonca” (who was also 12, but a bit older) to become the youngest prodigy to become the world’s youngest ever grandmaster (12 years and 145 days).

To become a Grandmaster, a player has to reach a specific Elo rating – given to calculate their skills – and win three GM norm tournaments, in which high-level competitors take part.

Mishra, who goes by Abhi, was in a race against time to claim the historic victory after many tournaments were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Abhi’s hard work involves 12-hour days spent practising his craft on the board and using Chessable, an online training tool.

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