Friday Filler Video: This dad make surfing with kids look easy

Posted By on July 30, 2021

Professional surfer Billy Kemper — and his son Lion — surfing together.

Surfer Billy Kemper says he glimpsed at death after a wave broke his pelvis in half

(CNN) – It was a tiny error in judgement, but within seconds he realized that the consequences could be potentially life threatening.

“That wave sucked me up into the mouth of it and slammed me onto a rock and just absolutely destroyed me,” American surfer Billy Kemper tells CNN Sport.

“Knocked me out unconscious. Collapsed my lung. My pelvis was broken down the middle, I had to get my knee reconstructed, the injury-list goes on and on,” adds the 30-year-old surfer as he details the impact on his body. “It was straight up life or death.”

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