Archiving to blog: A 1958 Packard Hawk selling on Ebay

Posted By on August 10, 2021


It is always interesting to see the handful of other 1958 Packard Hawks changing hands considering the one passed down to me was originally my father’s Uncle Ed’s car (bought new in Toledo), then DadC’s from 1973 until he passed away and became mine (Dad loved taking it to car shows). I’m still dragging my feet on the brake work, but still enjoy it when someone sends me an auction or Ebay “for sale” link.

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1958 Packard Hawk

Studebaker Packard Hawk Supercharged V8 Coupe.
Local Pickup ONLY

Seldom seen 1958 Packard Hawk. Built on the Studebaker Golden Hawk platform. One of 588 EVER BUILT. Running 289 supercharged V8 with 275hp engine. 3 speed automatic transmission. Original paperwork for this east coast car shows that it came to Michigan in 1961, then Lancaster, PA in 2017/18. Purchased in 1962. Daily driver until 1968 when it was parked with hopes of restoring it years later. Purchased by current owner in 2017/18 with the hopes of restoring it, but after seeing the condition of the frame, the project has sat in indoor storage. Was running when it went in to storage in 2018. Leather interior and full gauges. Factory supercharger. Optional Posi-rear axle and wonder bar radio. Looks to be 100% correct and complete. Car has little visible rust on the outside, but the frame is extremely weak. Trunk floor has several patches visible. Underside needs to be re-built. Deserves full restoration.

More photos archived below:

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