TRILLIONs more in spending? IRS tracking at the $600 level? Where are the sensible leaders in our Federal government?

Posted By on October 9, 2021


If you think about it, the IRS will probably need far more than another $80 BILLION tax dollars to hire enough agents to track and follow up on every American who has a bank account or transaction over $600?

TaxesDue_sA major component of President Joe Biden’s plan to raise revenue to pay for his trillions of dollars in new federal spending is now under fire from trade associations across the country.

The Biden administration has made clear its plan to beef up IRS auditing by expanding the agency’s funding and power. Biden’s latest proposal would require banks to turn over to the Internal Revenue Service bank account information for all accounts holding more than $600.


I’m not sure who advises the “so called moderate – back to normal” politician who ran for POTUS in 2020 (well, as I recall Joe Biden didn’t campaign much?)AOCIllustrationSocialistBernieSanders_sbut spending $1.2 Trillion for infrastructure paired with a $3.5 Trillion (calculated much higher) is frightening for any economy. How can anyone in their right mind that isn’t lying claim that this kind of big government spending will not cost anything help “build back America better?” 

Do economically literate US citizens (or anyone with common sense) … even naïve Marxist and Socialist believing Americans … believe any of this or trust President Biden or Democrats controlling Congress on any issues anymore? 



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