Tech Friday: Surprised at the recent increase in blog traffic

Posted By on December 10, 2021

FonziEhhhThe surprise increase in blog traffic corresponded to my taking a few more security measures such as locking down more of the personal content to only logged in readers but I’m not sure that had anything to do with increasing earnings? Still, I noticed upward change (more than doubling) of Google Adsense earnings and most of this has occurred in the last couple of months; not much else has changed?

A more logical approach would be to look into the analytics to see if a search engine, social network or higher profile website has been linking to a particular post? That might shed some light on this positive windfall. HA windfall!

At least I’ve met my goal in covering my webserver costs and will have a few dollars to invest in my blog funded cryptocurrency account – that’s where I plunk the proceeds. I should have kept “hodling” my original “fractional” coins and never sold Bitcoin on a couple of those early sharp moves up. Grr!



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