A first light snow of the season and a truck in the ditch

Posted By on December 9, 2021

CarOffRoad_Bethany211208Since the post scheduled for today is for those who have signed-in (you should register) … I’m adding this one as a public filler for the day. These week we had our first slick road for the season with a touch of snow … and as it does every year, triggered an accident on the road behind our house. I noticed it early in the morning and since my camera was out from the “moon and Venus” photos, I took a photo of the headlights and slow traffic. Someone was off in the ditch behind our neighbor’s property — it was 6AM and still dark.

At about 7AM, it was light enough to see that it was a small pickup truck. A tow truck with a winch took care of it in less than 5 minutes. I think this makes FIVE accidents that I’ve posted about along Bethany Road on the blog … although I know there have been many more in the years we’ve lived here. (previous One, Two, Three & Four).



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