Wow, the Backporch 14 years ago! Where do the years go? #TBT

Posted By on December 23, 2021

BackporchProject071222While posting to the blog yesterday, I noticed a “Year(s) Ago On This Day” post archiving the stamped concrete was being pour/stamped for our backporch – 14 years ago). And even more shocking is that we were building our house back in the winter and spring of 1996! (click on house photo below of Katelyn, Brenda and Taylor)


The comment I made on the post regarding the only thing slower is the airplane project made me chuckle … to which all these years later I can say that the MGB project is even slower!

Reminiscing aside, I’m thankful to have had all these years to enjoy our home with our kids growing up, but I am still shocked at just how rapidly the time has gone. How time flies!


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