Finally added the notch to the table saw outfeed table

Posted By on December 22, 2021

OutfeedTableShopsmithNotch211216_mIt has taken me a long time to cut into the outfeed table that I added to my Delta table saw in 2019, but I’ve finally added “the notch.”

The spacing between the often used Shopsmith band saw and my lumber rack has always been tight … so tight that I’ve found myself angling it to give me a little more standing access. For the last year or so, I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of moving the 7 foot long semi-portable tool all together and adding a much better chip and dusk collector to this space. Instead, I added an office storage cabinet (will eventually move), a dust collection box and moved the small, but loud DC3300 dust collector to under the lumber rack. This keeps the hoses out of the normal pathway near the door. ShopsmithStorageDustVac2021

To gain standing space, I cut out a 3-3/4 inch notch for the head of the Shopsmith, which I often chuck with a deburring wheel or sanding drum … and keep the bandsaw permanently in place.

I previously added a dedicated 220 volt drop for the table saw and separated duel 110 volt outlet for the bandsaw. The added bonus is that the base of the Shopsmith (the lathe tool holder and tailstock, etc) hide underneath the outfeed table AND it holds the hinged “leaf” up and in place sturdily. The extra few inches is precisely what I need to stand comfortable between the lumber storage and the bandsaw … but still, “the notch” is as unsightly on the outfeed table as it is on an Apple iPhone.


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