Men’s interests have changed and a spoiled American rant

Posted By on March 9, 2022

SlowShipping220308Something I’ve notice over the years is that today’s men have lost interest in what traditionally were seen as male hobbies and interests.

My thought is that recent generation of men have abandoned working on cars in their garages and spending weekends with tools in their workshop (probably non-existent nowadays). They don’t fish and hunt as they once did (men do still go to the gym, hike, bike, travel, etc), but for a lot of today’s men, they outsource home maintenance, repairs and yardwork.

I’m not sure if it is related to fathers no longer passing down necessary hobbies and skills … and instead being focused on their job, organized youth sports, entertainment or video gaming and technology or what? The “disappearing blue collar America” may also contribute to men not working with their hands, as does the fact that we have far fewer manufacturing jobs which were once the mainstay of our country. Even if where those jobs do exist, schools aren’t preparing students for the “skills jobs” we do have. Gone is the Industrial Education that was once in every K-12 education … and vocational education is discouraged even for students who likely would benefit; they are instead tracked college-prep where many drop out with way too much debt.

Interestingly, I’m seeing “men” drawn more towards cooking and working in the kitchen in recent years … which was once pretty much a woman’s domain. Is it a natural progression of a more balanced society or are men naturally drawn to cooking when they don’t have other “tool related hobbies” to keep them occupied?

Nothing wrong with it, but it has just been an interesting change that has happed in my lifetime.


On to my “spoiled American” mini-rant:

I placed an order for a kitchen utensil (hence the previous paragraphs) from back in February and expecting that it would show up within a day or two as has been the recent norm. Amazon has definitely slipped a bit in the last couple of years in delivering when stated, but usually it is still within a day or so. Sadly ordering from vendors on Walmart’s website will discourage me from even going to there to order in the future.

*** Posting stream of package scan – I was both impressed with the number of scans and  lack of delivery progress in moving deliveries along. Perhaps it is a USPS problem???


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