Tech Friday: iOS and App updates … and Internet/Cable/TV

Posted By on April 8, 2022

TomAppelTweet220327After updating my iOS devices to 15.4 last week, I noticed a few annoying changes (normal when an operating system changes), and a few improvements. I suspected that older devices such as my iPhone 7 and older iPad would start to show signs of reduced battery life and sluggishness, yet how long nowadays do we really want to put off updating (security concerns, etc). One of the pluses after the iOS and Twitter app update, was the more attractive tweet notification view (image right). The quick glance without opening the phone or app for those people followed with notifications on is nice. The only thing missing is a date and time stamp … but then again, it is a notification. 

Last year about this time – LINK

As for the real topic of this Tech Friday post … home cable, internet and hardware … it is never fun. It seems my yearly cable contract and promos are up for BendOverBackwardsrenewal and unless I shop around again, my monthly bill will double … even though the same aging hardware I pay for each month (cable boxes, etc) remain the same. One would think companies like Cincinnati Bell would “bend over backwards” to keep existing customers who pay their bills and haven’t had any issues. Nope .. like always, the old price disappears and unless I agree to a new “always higher” rate for the same very similar service, my current promos will expire and monthly bill will double. If there was ever an incentive to cut the cord, this is it.

But for those of us who don’t really like to change once things are working and we are comfortable with our set-up … we agree to the increase and just complain.

I’ll likely agree to another year and just pay more … but am going to prepare to make the switch, cut the cord, or do something different. Streaming services with most of the same content aren’t inexpensive either, so I doubt subscribing to each one separately will solve my issue … yet I’m getting close to picking one or two and just giving up on having a fiber-connected DVR to record programs. Oh for the days of my own TIVO with lifetime service and the handful of broadcast, cable news and sports channels that we habitually watch (therein lies the real problem!)


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