Tech Friday: A now rare Internet connectivity issue & speedtest

Posted By on April 2, 2021

We have not had many Internet connectivity issues since switching to Cincinnati Bell Fioptic fiber and then added a mesh network instead of traditional router (although the Netgear Nighthawk was pretty good – we move it to the condo). KnockOnWoodSmiley_aniPerhaps a lot has to do with companies building out the infrastructure with fewer buggy devices – but knock-on-wood – our current set-up has been pretty reliable.


This past week was an exception in that something happened on 3/29 that made the morning connection sluggish. I suspected something on my end (it wasn’t) but by the time I started the diagnosing, all was back to normal … and since it has been a while between speed tests, I was curious. It’s amazing what a couple decades can do in technology … although 50/20Mbps today connected through my home network is not 162/124Mbps as it was in 2019 or 267/116Mbps in 2018 (I blame smarthome and IOT devices)?


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