A few years ago, Taylor moved to Williston, ND #TBT

Posted By on September 22, 2022

A lot has happened in 9 short yearsbut it has been NINE years! Where does the time go?


While cleaning out a few miscellaneous files and moving RTB_WilliamsCty40719a few photos off my iMac’s upgraded SSHD and to cloud storage only, I noticed a few of my son Taylor after his move to Williston, ND. It was a challenging move for him, but both a great first career position and confidence building opportunity. So for a Throwback Thursday #TBT memory during my visit in September 2013 to help him settle in, here’s one of Taylor with Lake Sakakawea in the background (mostly positive memories (our trip 9 months later in 2014), but it is much better to have him back in Ohio).


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