Archive: I love seeing “homebuilding” progress photos

Posted By on December 3, 2022


OostraHouseInsideNov2022Thankfully, even as the weather begins to cool these days, the homebuilding progress doesn’t screech to a halt as it did years ago (showing my age).

With that, it is great to archive a photo or two as the walls go up on Katelyn and Drew’s new house in northwest Ohio. There is a small part of me that would love to build again, but another part that keeps telling myself  that I should “be content and enjoy watching our children fulfill their dreams.”

(Perhaps there should be a tag for this #homebuilding project?)

EDIT: A “front porch” photo from the weekend and after a little text chatting on Saturday about wrapping a house with Tyvek back when it was not the norm, Drew mention another product from Zip System that is another option that can forgo the need to wrap a house. Interesting.


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