Tech Friday: A big screen TV deal and Christmas light flashback

Posted By on December 2, 2022

NewTCLCondoTVconsole_Nov2022It is hard to believe that watching sports and movies on a 37" television just isn’t satisfactory enough these days? So when I saw a Walmart pre-Black Friday deal on a 65" TCL Roku TV for $228, I could not pass up the deal. It is very impressive for the money and a perfect upgrade for the condo in Florida.

Of course the downside is that we also needed to upgrade the furniture to hold it … so Katelyn and Drew took us Costco shopping and help pick out a very nice cabinet last week (although it was over twice the cost of the TV! Ugh!)


I also had a childhood flashback last week when seeing a photo of these "hot" fire hazard Christmas lights. I can still remember my dad putting them on our "flocked" and natural trees in the 1960s — and licking the bulb when replacing the ones that wouldn’t light. Good memories!



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